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EXTINCTION! (2022) I. Crisis Point! II. Last of the Glaciers III. Long Drought IV. Raging Wildfires V. Call for Change “Penned in 2021, ‘Extinction!’ takes us on a journey to the present day and shows us the devastating impacts of climate change. With the world reaching ‘Crisis Point’, we open with a reminder that the time to do something has passed. Transported to some of the world’s most beautiful landmarks, ‘Extinction!’ highlights the not so fictional reality that may come to haunt us: the destruction of our last glaciers, the longest of droughts and the most raging of wildfires. The conclusion takes us to a place all too familiar- the present- where with action and with a ‘Call for Change’, we can hopefully make a difference to our future, our children’s future, and save our planet from devastation, from decimation, from ‘Extinction!’



Music for the Concert Hall


Brass Band




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1 soprano cornet (E♭)

9 cornets (B♭) – Front row: one principal cornet, three solo cornets

1 repiano cornet (B♭), two 2nd cornets (B♭), two 3rd cornets (B♭)

1 flugelhorn (B♭)

3 tenor horns (E♭) – solo, 1st, 2nd

2 baritone horns (B♭) – 1st, 2nd

2 tenor trombones (B♭) – 1st, 2nd

1 bass trombone (B♭)

2 euphoniums (B♭)

2 E♭ basses

2 BB♭ basses


3 Percussion

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