Beyond Poseidon

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' Beyond Poseidon' I. Neptune's Descent II. Dance of the Ice Giants III. Back into Space IV. Beyond Poseidon 'Beyond Poseidon' was written for the 2019 Cory Band Competition Composition and is scored for brass band and percussion. On the 2nd October, 1989, the primary mission of Voyager 2 ended after twelve years with the exploration of the Neptunian system. Because of its quest to travel to the outer reaches of the Solar System, Voyager 2 is, to date, the only spacecraft to have ventured that far into the Solar System in the NASA Deep Space Network. 'Beyond Poseidon' takes us on a time-lapsed journey of Voyager II, starting in the immediate opening movement 'Neptune's Descent' which paints the gargantuan energy and size of this venture, with the spacecraft racing through the enormity of the Neptunian system, determined to find evidence that life once existed and to capture never before seen imagery of the eighth planet from the Sun. In 'Dance of the Ice Giants', we pause with the spacecraft to enjoy the newly discovered sights of Neptune and Uranus, the two Ice Giants of the Solar System. As we come to terms with the majesty of these large planets, we are pulled into a sense of emptiness; a chance for reflection on how cold and unforgiving the climate is. With the impending thought of both time and resources being against the spacecraft, 'Back into Space' pulls us back into the strength of the gravitational orbit around the Neptunian system and the extremely dynamic storm systems with winds reaching speeds of almost 1,300 mph. In its closing moments, 'Beyond Poseidon' captures the final glimpses of a spacecraft vanishing into the distance; the final crash of a vessel, which serves as a reminder of the challenges of space travel and how tiny we humans are compared to our colossal solar system.



Music for the Concert Hall


Brass Band




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1 soprano cornet (E♭)

9 cornets (B♭) – Front row: one principal cornet, three solo cornets

1 repiano cornet (B♭), two 2nd cornets (B♭), two 3rd cornets (B♭)

1 flugelhorn (B♭)

3 tenor horns (E♭) – solo, 1st, 2nd

2 baritone horns (B♭) – 1st, 2nd

2 tenor trombones (B♭) – 1st, 2nd

1 bass trombone (B♭)

2 euphoniums (B♭)

2 E♭ basses

2 BB♭ basses


3 Percussion

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