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October 11, 2020

'Pandemic!' wins 1st place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire! 

With the lockdown taking its toll, 2020 saw the completion of Joe's latest work, 'PANDEMIC!' for tuba quartet, composed for the When Tuba Come One competition in Birmingham

After the group finally was able to play through all seventeen pieces, the band were delighted to announce the winning composition as Joe's aptly named work for tuba quartet, 'PANDEMIC!' Joe received1st place with some great feedback.


Amy Ewen, baritone at 'When Tuba Come One' said 'we found that your composition not only ticked all the musical boxes, but also accurately reflected the current global climate. '

Amongst fine company, the piece fended off competition from other eminent composers across the world, with writers submitting works from as far as the United States!

The quartet are hoping to now feature the work in their 2021 programme and on their to be recorded CD amongst six other entries in the competition. 

For more information and to hear and purchase the work, please visit the STORE section at


September 8, 2020

The Shorts Selection- Wildscreen Festival 2020   'On The Panel'


Having the toughest seat in the house as far as judging wildlife documentaries are concerned, Joe was hand-picked this August to shortlist 24 short films in the UK Shorts category at the eminent Wildscreen Festival in Bristol. 

With a wide range of international shorts contending for Official Selection, and alongside two filmmakers, Joe had to make the difficult decision as to which shorts made the mark, and which ones hadn't.

Wildscreen Festival sees a wide range of international entries contend in the wildlife category with submissions ranging from student filmmakers just starting out in the industry to world-leading production house content and a host of famous directors.

This year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival reaches its' audience virtually in October 2020 with a vast amount of activity expected and talks being given by some of the finest names in wildlife television. 

Names this year expect to include the infamous television presenter David Attenborough as well as Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. 

For more information on the festival and how to book tickets, please visit their website at

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October 4, 2020

DISINFORMATION! receives positive comments from some top brass band names!

In his first work for brass band, Disinformation! received positive praise this month in an international composer competition organised during the COV-ID lockdown by G.U.S. Band's composer-in-residence Mike Sheppard.

With a topical twist, 'Disinformation' was composed in response to the ever-growing and all-powerful misinformation campaigns worldwide that reached dizzying levels of influence, coming from some of the most eminent heads of states, during the turn of the 21st century.


Alongside composers Matt Nunes, Edward Mylechreest, Chris Allen and Jacob Ashworth, the competition set out with the end product being a surge of new music rise to the fore during the isolated period of the COVID-19 crisis and test all composers to create something new.

In a tough line up, 'Disinformation' gained praise from judges Peter Graham, Paul Fisher and Steven Mead.


Comments include: 

"Very detailed score. Wow! What sounds,  brilliant concept. So well done. What a talent. Really enjoyed this. Love the drive and rhythmic energy. Exciting - edge of seat stuff.”

The score can now be purchased online as a full score and parts from the STORE page at

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September 04, 2020

Winterbourne Winds return to the bandroom after a 6-month absence

Having been left with no means to practise throughout the lockdown, players at local concert band Winterbourne Winds were left in the lurch without their bandroom over spring.

But with a saving grace in government guidance granting bands and charities that were able to sign off a COVID-secure risk assessment, the group returned to practise in September and resumed work on what was originally their plans for a spring concert. 


Made up of 34 players across Bristol and South Gloucestershire, the band were founded less than 5 years ago out of a tiered-group of wind bands performing across Avon. The band mostly receive no tuition other than rehearsals so to be deprived of Thursday nights came as  a big shock!

The wind band are now hoping to be able to get back to it and work towards a potential performance in 2021 providing that the rules allow for musical groups more than six to gather and put on a concert for an audience.

For more information and to follow bands in the Avon Wind Band Association, please visit their site

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October 2, 2020

 Cinanima success as Walkthrough is selected at Portugal's Animation Festival

With previous success in collaboration with student animators Roxy Pierzga and Lewis Furber, Joe was delighted to hear that latest collaboration with Sofia Salt saw its first success on the festival circuit with 'Walkthrough'

The animation tells the tale of a puppet Julia who comes to the terms with a setback and heralds themes of struggle and perseverance. Sofia collaborated with Kendra Stout, Ellie Walsha and Piper Bradshaw in its production.


Sofia said of her success 'I'm very pleased to announce I was accepted into the Cinanima National Competition for first-time directors! Cinanima has been around since i was a child (and before!) so I'm proud to be able to now participate as a creator!'

In a tough line up, 'Walkthrough' now hopes to go on to share more success but with its first festival Official Selection it is already off to a flying start!

An excerpt of 'Walkthrough' is available on the

MUSIC page at


For more information and to see Sofia's work, head over to


September 10, 2020

100 Years at Longwell Green Orchestra sees new commission.


Celebrating 100 years of music-making in Bristol, 2021 sees something of a musical anniversary in the small suburb of Longwell Green, with the resident amateur orchestra scoring a centenary year of performing music in the South-West.

With an ill-timed pandemic not stopping them, the orchestra have commissioned Joe to write a new work for them to perform in their concerts throughout their anniversary year.


Gaining funding from Arts Council England, conductor Paul Hemmings says that the orchestra want something to celebrate their ensemble who traditionally enjoy showing their audiences the finest in British light music and 'jaunty tunes'.

Joe is currently putting pen to paper and expects for the orchestra to put themselves to the test in early 2021 once COVID restrictions allow the group to rehearse in South Bristol.


The first performance is set to be given at St. John's Church in Keynsham, Bristol on Saturday 6th March 2021- further news will be released nearer the time in line with government-guidance.


The orchestra can be contacted through their website


September 15, 2020

Best UK Short at Raindance Festival for    'Do No Harm'


Having worked on fellow Bristol composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayre's soundtrack earlier in the year for director Douglas King's UK short, the team were delighted to find out that the film had been officially selected for the world-famous Raindance Festival in London.

With an eerie score, the short film was an opportunity for Joe to record the unusual and unconventional instrument in a sousaphone - normally an instrument reserved otherwise for the marching bands of the United States. 

Hearing of this success, composer Alexandra learnt it had also been selected at the official selection at Aesthetica in York and congratulated director Douglas King who 'brought out the boldness in (her) scoring.

Working with Alexandra, Joe managed to create some alien sounds - exploring the multiphonics, drone-sounds and percussive elements of the brass instrument.


The film tells the tale of the OCD-sufferer Beth risks losing everything to save a colleague from an out-of-date sandwich, and was written by Rosy Barnes. It is currently on the film festival circuit and is set to be released later next year.

To find out more about the short and the full programme for Raindance Festival, please visit